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Once upon a time, Darla was given a mystical gift, along with an ominous message. Now, meeting Chris puts her head in a spin. Could it be that gift from long ago holds the key to their happiness?It's A Marshmallow World is a standalone novella in The Rock and Roll Fantasy Collection, a mystical world where rock and roll will save your soul. Although the books can be read iOnce upon a time, Darla was given a mystical gift, along with an ominous message. Now, meeting Chris puts her head in a spin. Could it be that gift from long ago holds the key to their happiness?It's A Marshmallow World is a standalone novella in The Rock and Roll Fantasy Collection, a mystical world where rock and roll will save your soul. Although the books can be read in any order, the collection begins with It's A Marshmallow World before moving on to Scary Modsters ... and Creepy Freaks, Queen Midas In Reverse, Voices Carry, and Moonlight Serenade....

Title : it s a marshmallow world a rock and roll fantasy the rock and roll fantasy collection
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it s a marshmallow world a rock and roll fantasy the rock and roll fantasy collection Reviews

  • Rachel- Goodbye Borders
    2019-05-05 14:54

    This will be brief. This story is told in diary-like entries that go back and forth from past to present. I had a hard time getting into this and was bored. After reading this, I'm struggling to remember characters names. Darla and ? Cute title.

  • Jane
    2019-04-23 10:17

    More a collection of deleted scenes than a stand alone story but it does introduce you the GranGran, Darla, Chris and her friends. Well written and probably worthwhile for the insights if you're reading the rest of the series but I kept waiting for the big wind up.

  • Meredith
    2019-05-15 16:10

    I loved this story! I loved how the main character found the love of her life when she wasn't even looking for it.

  • Monique
    2019-05-15 11:18

    A sweet holiday read, highlighting the power of familial love (especially with an awesome grandma), good friends, and blessings that come out of the blue!

  • Melissa Levine
    2019-05-10 10:11

    Well I obviously have to be the mean person since I didn't like this story. First off, I listened (audiobook) to this story so perhaps that was why I wasn't fan a fan. Maybe not. I was freely given this audiobook (Pretty Things: The Rock and Roll Fantasy Collection: Rosalyn and Friends, Books 1-3) and I couldn’t even finish this audiobook. I forced myself to complete Part One and that was it. I attempted Part two but no. I figured I'd post my review here since I didn't finish.I had so many issues with Part One (“It’s a Marshmallow World). The story seemed more like diary entries to me with a very immature/juvenile sounding main character (for example, ‘that bites’, ‘that sucks’). Instead of being able to experience the story, it was more told to the reader. As in, so-and-so did this, then she did this, etc. The story went from one scene to the next and there was barely any dialogue. Was Darla even described? If she was, I don’t even remember what she looked like besides the multi-colored hair and wild clothes later on in the story. What exactly was the point of this supposed story anyways? It didn’t catch my attention AT ALL!Questions/Comments:So the story starts off with Darla whose seventeen and then suddenly jumps to her being a different/older age. I don’t know if I missed something or what. Where they flashbacks/flash-forwards? If so, there were no transitions whatsoever. What time period was this story supposed to be taking place during? I ask because it was weird that the main character’s friends were jealous that she had her own cell phone.The lead character ends up asking for bleach from her sister after their gran dies. Now I don’t know if gran died while she was young…because you don’t hear anything about it until she’s obviously older and has multi-colored hair. That whole jump forward in time was really confusion.

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-27 13:11

    It's a Marshmallow World is a beautifully-written, powerful story. Darla has been raised in a family that encouraged her to exercise her free will, to be and become whatever she wants. She had the loving guidance of not only her parents, but her grandmother, whose love and wisdom and life lessons continued for Darla, even after her death. When Darla meets Chris, she sees something special in him, and is excited about their first date. When he shows a side of himself she doesn't like, she's ready to write him off. But with her grandmother's influence, she gives him a second chance, and discovers a man who is trying to find himself, given his strict Baptist upbringing. She begins to understand just how privileged she was that she didn't have to conform to others' ideas, and realizes that Chris's life has been the complete opposite of hers in that respect. Through Darla, Chris is discovering himself. And as Darla discovers more about Chris, she grows in understanding and compassion. What drives these two to be together has much to do with their desire to be the best they can be, for themselves and for each other. The author did a wonderful job of developing the characters, and in relatively few pages, she gave us a rich and fully-developed story that (okay, I'm going to say it, I'm going to go all cliché here) warmed my heart. A great read for any season!

  • Alisha Webster
    2019-05-03 14:12

    Read this review and more at The Bohemian Housewife BlogThis is my second book by Diane Rinella, and I'm becoming a fan of her work. It's A Marshmallow World is a lot lighter than the other book I read of hers, but I enjoy lighthearted reads between my normal chaos. This was a great book to listen to while doing busy work around my house. I thought Darla and Chris were too cute, and I'm hoping there is more from them in the following books. Darla was the perfect amount of understanding and stubborn. I'm sure her friends are just as interesting from the brief moments you see them. The paranormal aspects were also pretty adorable; Gran was my favorite character hands down. The audiobook was a little over 2 hours, and I'm craving more from this story. I wasn't really keen on the narrator, but she started growing on me towards the end. I also adore the holiday/Christmas theme - I'm a little sad it's still half a year away. I'm already feeling the season thanks to this book.

  • Tbird London
    2019-05-19 15:14

    You are about to enter a world that will melt your heart, remind you how vital second chances and acceptance is and more than that, Diane Rinella reminds us that death never truly takes a loved one away from us. Darla has always danced to the beat of her own drum, with the encouragement of her Gram; she nurtured her free spirit in life. When she saw Chris at the regular hang out, she was interested and accepted his request for a date. That first date was anything but what she had hoped for or expected. On the verge of writing him off, she was guided to follow her heart and see where it leads.It’s a Marshmallow World brings warm feelings to the reader as you go through Chris and Darla’s journey. The memories that never die, the happiness we all search for and the moment when the odd ball finds someone to connect with and feel acceptance. Diane Rinella gives the readers a perfect holiday gift with this book. Her books are always rich with messages, inspiration and love. Make sure you check it out and open your heart to receive the beauty of this story.

  • Nikki Barrett
    2019-04-28 11:03

    This is only the second book I've read by Diane Rinella, and I'm awed by her writing style. She has a unique voice in the writing world and her stories are interesting and different. I loved Darla and her journey. Each character is full of quirks and adds plenty of dynamic to the book. The descriptions and scenes are vivid without being overly done, and drew me right in. I love that Darla is her own person, and what I mean by that is she has her quirks, flaws, and differences, not always fitting into the mold of every day people and life. She does her thing her way and pretty much owns it. Her relationship and connection with GranGran was beautifully done! Chris is a character who definitely showed some growth in the story. At first, I wasn't 100% sure what to make of him, but he definitely made some changes in his life, and watching these two take a chance, was heartwarming and fun. The influences Chris and Darla bring out of each other had me rooting! Definitely interested to read the others in this series.

  • Michelle Perry
    2019-05-03 09:50

    Some people are born to conform to the world and work within it and others are free spirits who just shine. It often takes a lot of courage to go against the flow and be exactly who you are. Darla inherited her independent streak from her Grangran, a quirky bohemian with a supernatural side, who always encouraged Darla to do what comes naturally. She lived life to the fullest until her death at the grand young age of 92, setting Darla on a course to do things her way. Others aren’t so lucky to have such a “bad” influence.Years later while hanging out on a typical Friday night with her best girlfriends at their soon-to-be-trendy usual favorite bar, Darla meets Chris, a super hot guy without the usual cheesy pick up lines. He piques her interest, but after their first date goes sour, with him doing all the things guaranteed1 to tick her off, she is ready to write him off. That is, until Grangran intervenes.This was a delightful Christmas read. Though it is short it is filled with wonderful characters and a story, with such brilliant undertones, that you hope won’t ever end.

  • Tia
    2019-04-25 14:54

    "It's A Marshmallow World" is a fun Christmas read. If you like quirky characters, with a hint of paranormal, a bit of romance, and some good insight into the human mind...... then this is the book for you!Darla was given a ouija board by her Gran-Gran shortly before she passed away, a way to talk to her after she was gone. Many times Darla would've been lost without her gentle guidance or prompting to find her own way and be herself. So when she meets Chris at a local hangout she's ecstatic when he asks her out, but then disappointed with him. Ready to walk away she gets another message from Gran Gran about her situation. Through her guidance a happy ever after occurs. I love this series and read the first book "Scarey Modsters and Creepy Freaks" , and look forward to reading "Voices Carry".Here's the link to Amazon for this book:

  • Jill Cox
    2019-04-29 16:48

    It's a Marshmallow World is about bright-haired Darla who meets Chris at the bar she and her girlfriends frequent every Friday night. He's evidently a hot, cocky, blue-eyed James Dean wannabe who she can't leave fast enough - that is, until her beloved GranGran visits her in wonderful spirit form and gives her advice and wisdom to mull over. This is a heartwarming and fun aspect of the story. I loved GranGran as much as Darla did!It's a delightful book (with a great cover and title) that happens during the holiday season. As you read it - and you should! - look for gems of truth or beautiful writing. "Our experiences are not just the things we live through, but also what we see others endure." Or "The moon seems closer than she does." Ahhh.It left me with a happy feeling of love. A quick, easy read that I highly recommend.

  • Shannan
    2019-05-08 13:59

    Bright colorful words that fill your soul with love light and acceptanceWow! I love Diane's work and The Marshmallow World is a wonderful new piece in her collection of books. We start with the gifts from GranGran to Darla and Bailey from Scary Modsters and Creepy Freaks. Mostly it follows Darla as she meets Chris and embraces her gift. I loved the way you feel so much like a part of her family of friends. As a misfit of normal society, I appreciate the way her family allowed her to bloom and be who she is, and how her colorful mane of hair as well as the tattoo of daisies mark her as who she is, a free spirit who loves and accepts herself and those around her. I love this and will be reading Voices Carry, the next novella in this series.

  • Darla
    2019-04-23 16:16

    Fantastic story!!!! I was excited when I found out that Diane was doing side story's of Scary Monsders and Creaky Freaks. I love when authors do that because you get to see the characters you love a little more!! On to this story. You meet Darla in SM along with her girlfriends. I feel in love with all of them. Darla is fun and funky person she dances to her own tune. When she is given a gift for Christmas it changes everything. She has a date that goes so bad she walks out on him. Gran Gran was awesome and I so want her to be my Gran.

  • Ashley Hedden
    2019-05-02 10:58

    I absolutely loved It's a Marshmallow World by Diane Rinella. I was lucky enough to get an ARC from the author. I loved reading Darla's story. She has a special relationship with her great grandmother. I loved reading about GranGran, and Darla's blossoming relationship with Chris. This was such a great book by Diane Rinella, I can't wait to read more by her.

  • Tena
    2019-05-22 11:09

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure if I got this as a freebie, a giveaway, purchased it, or one of my AMAZON PRIME loaners but it was next on my kindle to read list: it's a NOVELLA - easy read... good writing... with bits & tidbits to taunt the tastebuds to delve deeper in the series.

  • Rhonda Campbell
    2019-05-15 11:04

    A great storyA great story with quirky but awesome characters that grab you from the start. I was so into this story I didn't want it to end. There was so much more I wanted to know about what and where these characters were going to end up. Hope to find out in the next book!

  • Lori
    2019-05-06 10:50

    Unique, loved it!A unique title for a unique book. Very well written with a wonderful depth of emotion in the characters and their story. I'm so very jealous of her hair but I think I'm a little over the appropriate age. Maybe just one streak?

  • Pam Koenig
    2019-04-29 12:14

    Cute short holiday readA story filled with friends, family, a Ouija board and a dead hip grama. Friday night at the local bar leads to love with a group of quirky characters. The author is new to me, but created a story that makes me want to read more about the friends.

  • Cherime MacFarlane
    2019-05-23 15:55

    Great tale about being who you are. Sweet story of acceptance and family relationships. Went down just fine like a roasted marshmallow by a campfire, warming and sweet.

  • Amy~ My Book Obsession
    2019-05-05 10:15

    Sweet story that's shares being yourself is the best thing you could ever be.

  • Kimberlin Rylander sanders
    2019-05-18 13:56

    Very funny and sad book at the same time Hollie Jackson did a awesome job narrating this book .I will differently be reading more of her books

  • Jodi Cain
    2019-04-30 14:15

    This was a fun and exciting read. I believe GranGran did talk to her granddaughter after she died. I also believe that Chris came into her life for a reason. I loved this book.